Friday, November 26, 2010


So.. i decided to do a Black Friday sale. Scroll down for your design choices, both available on
shirts and 120gsm A2 size poster paper black or white. All sizes available. add $3 for XXL orders..
Order 2 shirts and the third piece is only $30.00 . Spend $80.00 and i'll throw in a hand printed poster of you choice & yes it is free postage for orders above $100.00 (applicable only for local orders) oh and for this weekend all t-shirts and prints are $35.00 a pop... Happy Thanksgiving folks.. now what are you waiting for? Sale only valid till 2pm (SG Time) 28th of December 2010.

Email me at to order or ask any questions or just say hello.
Happy Thanksgiving.... bitch.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Work in progress.. we are down to the last few prints.. watch this space.

Im down to the last three/four more prints for the whole series.. or whatever i want to call it. These babies are fresh, tried on and tested and ready to go...almost.

Go big or go home.

This is as big as my coffee table.
"Death" in white and for the girls too.
"Catatonic Bitch"

And of course hand screened posters..

Stay tune for a launch date and a proper catalog. Im taking orders already. So if you are interested,
email and say "hi, i wan't you,, badboy". :]

Okay.. Capiche.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nothing last forever in this cold November rain.

Finally done teaching  conducting workshops in schools for this whole year and it's going to be a pretty long break for me. I for see a very productive month coming along with KILAS '' Blackened Persistence" series coming along quite well and i'm in the midst of making test prints on t-shirts and posters and scouting for cool & bad ass people to model the shirts for me. My fingers are also crossed for having KILAS shirts and prints in some big shops here in Singapore. Negotiations and proper planning for the launch is also in the planning process.

 Am also going to be busy with the band at the same time, two more weeks to go before I Am David Sparkle's "SWORDS" album launch and an Indonesia & Malaysia tour being scheduled right after the launch. 

Here are some nice pictures .. for now

this baby is huge ass A2 size bitches.
this one is called 'Catatonic bitch' and yes, you can start ordering. Hit me up.

"Swords Are Drawn"
get your tickets from sistic . This is going to be one hell of a show.. we all worked really hard for this one. This is an experience for everyone. Show us some love, or maybe a lot.

I Am David Sparkle Indonesia Tour 2010 poster. 
Something i did for the Indo tour in December.Hope you all like it, i know some people don't hahaha. Im still working on the Bali show poster, keeping it simple.. no hoo no haaa..simple.

Stay tuned for more updates . I'll be back in a bit.. bitch.