Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"HANDS" t-shirts and prints by KILAS.

This is fresh from the oven. I will only print 30 of these bastards. Get em now before i got lazy and totally ignore the fuck out off everyone. 

The stencils.

38cm x 51 cm
 Handprinted on heavy stock black paper.

Details on the front print of the shirts.

Details on the back print of the shirts.

KILAS- "HANDS" - T-Shirts & Posters
Available in S, M, L, XL (XXL & XXXL add SGD$6/Local orders or USD$6/international orders)
Printed on grade 'A' Triple AAA American basic t-shirts. (Unless otherwise mentioned).
Girl's sizes also available, do write in to ask about sizes.

All shirts are hand screened by the artist, and results may differ in every piece. Each design is going for SGD$40(Local orders)or USD$35(international orders) //Excluding shipping// and comes with free stickers, and a lot of love. Get 3 shirts and a screened printed poster will be included in your order.

Shipping Costs:
  • Singapore: SGD$5 (add SGD$4 for each extra tee)
  • Asia: USD$10 (add USD$4 for each extra tee)
  • Rest of the world: USD$18 (add USD$8 for each extra tee)
  • Add USD$4 / SGD$6 if you want your posters in a tube together with your shirts.

Fund transfer via the POSB/DBS savings account could be made for Singapore orders.
For International Orders, PayPal transaction is available. (Bank / PayPal details will be disclosed upon confirmation of order).
Delivery for your order will be processed upon successful transaction. (An email will be sent to inform you of the transaction status.)
Please allow 3 to 4 working days for delivery. Personal collection / pick up and delivery could also be arranged.

Do state your orders clearly (size and design) to avoid disappointment.
If you are unsure of the design names / codes, do write in to verify.

To place orders or for further inquiries please write to:

Thank you for your time.

//I still have other prints and t-shirts available, check it out here or click the apparel button on the top. \\

ok, i'm tired.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things I Did After You Left. ( recap on what the fuck i have been up to since the last time i've updated this blog.)

I thank everyone near and far for the undying support to the things i've done throughout these glorious years. 2011 was so over, but here is in no lesser words but lots of pictures of what i have been doing since you left. Enjoy.

I learn how to smoke a cigar while painting.

I painted the maritime museum at the Resorts World Sentosa with TRASEONE and SKOPE.

I thought drawing .

I played the drums in Taman Jurong in a vacant flat.

I voted myself for president.

i work for a creative agency.

I painted an important piece on a 2 meters by 2 meters canvas for the NIXON ART MOSH 2011.

My Sammy and Alex got married and i get to chalk draw on their wedding day! :)

I start drawing on the moleskine you bought me. but threw it away after this drawing. oh well.

I read the bible.

i practice my drawing

learned to be humorous 



fell in love with chicken feet soup.

i cried because i missed you.

but fuck it right after.

i got zen.

and practice black magic,

and ran out of sharpie and drew with pencil instead

and practice

and became batman for a bit.

and practice

and practice

and practice.

and tried new things.

and practice,

and draw

and draw

And practice...

I get to work with PEONFX

and i'm glad they like the design

and so i burn some mesh.

bought some paint

and print the bitch

Had an exclusive launch


for show

PEONFX team riders rocking the T's

Hail satan!

End story. 
Thanks to Jay Jay & Achit for the love, hope to do this again soon!

Oh, i finally turn the place into a showroom .

I drew this on the eve of my birthday.

this one too.

and had a haircut. haha

and drew this.

i get to design the HOLY FUCK live in Singapore poster.

I love my job,

and my colleagues.

I get to paint with ANTZ

hung out with the beautiful house mate Theresia

and play MASAK-MASAK (cooking-cooking) with her and her beautiful colleague, Wardah!

Djohan was here to do the I Am David Sparkle merch for the Japan tour. He designed everything and we printed the t-shirts he designed. Super Dopeness!

And The band was touring japan in november.

did'nt bring much with me.

100 kilos of mayhem!

drew this on the plane with speak cryptic

i hate Hong Kong.

in Tokyo



played shows in Tokyo

the madness.

the itchy fingers.

Mishka Japan.

itchy fingers

itchy fingers

played more shows.

played a small show for midgets.

mad a brother from another mother in Tokyo, Matyr works in Japan, and thank god we met up with him cus he speaks Japanese, we don't.

Gudang Garam in Tokyo.

itchy fingers.

lost in translation .



itchy fingers.

itchy fingers

expensive potato pizza and beer.

going to Osaka

the fastest train in the world. this is an experience.

i drew this at 400km pr hr, i think.

I love Osaka.

itchy fingers

itchy fingers


We played an awesome show in Osaka!

love this poster!

itchy fingers

in the lift

in the lift

more Gudang Garam sightings in Osaka

my favorite beer.

tourist spot

Osaka at night

Kenji - san our Osaka host.

my favorite beer at night

expensive rolling paper



itchy fingers again


Back in Tokyo

itchy fingers

played more shows

 and more shows.

itchy fingers

made friends

eat weird food

met my twin.

saw my half family 

found my dream bike

found my kids

walk around

walk and walk

a giant marlboro lights cigarette

found Roland Ngoi.

got lost.

found religion

had my favorite cheap and good bento set almost everyday.

Met Matyr again the day before we head home.

spotted a Clogtwo tag at Harajuku

my hands got itchy.

Spend the last night in Shibuya

and it is raining and freezing

saw a nice piece in Shibuya

met my wives

and met my sisters.

There, Thats Japan for you, i will be back for more.

Got home safe, and broke.. haha

I get back straight to work.

i drew

and drew

and drew

I got featured in a french Art culture magazine called HEY! and they gave me tones of stickers.

and work started to get busier .

and so, i carried on drawing,

and i kept going

and of course made a lot of friends along the way

Mr Brownie

Mr Metal

Mr drink many many

Mr Fatty

Miss Tipsy

and Mr Posca.

This Guy here tried his best to be my friend too.

oh, and i went on a diet, 

i welcome the new year. 

and carried on with my diet .

learned how to make a gundam out of a box and an empty bottle.

and drew KILAS2012 first t-shirt design.

learned calligraphy 

save money 

became a sith lord.

and start using perfume. :]

and draw

and draw

and draw.

and paint

and be a nice man

with ANTZ




The most sexiest chinese man on earth.


There you go.. Things i do after you left. Thanks for your time.