Sunday, November 25, 2012

All We Love We Leave Behind.

I'm sure everyone agrees with me that AWLWLB is the best album for 2013 by Converge, i can't think of a good post title, so yea here's what i've been up to when i am not thinking of you. Again, i take shitty photos, Enjoy.. try.

I was a construction worker and this is Naseer, he is my foreman. We are both busy doing the new Villains studio.
Im trying to start a bird park.
I learned how to write properly
i don't know what this is, 
went painting.. 
i became nice to people 
i drew nonsense.
and listen to George.
did a lot of thinking.
I did Batman never happened.
the new Batman suck.
Every time this guy visits the studio, he wants to show off his skills.

Antz is my best friend,

We still don't know why we haven't put this out for sale. oh well.
Of course i have my great buddies over anytime for vinyl parties and a great feast. 

did a piece with Heider Ismail

eh, i miss you leh.

i don't know why i did this.

i watched too much
i tried to be prince of Grey Skull. oh well.
Pretty stoked to be part of @theshutterclick photo book alongside my favorite artists! Please checkout the works of Mr Kevin Knight! and download his photo book for free ! Thank you! LA reprezent! #frankkozik @craola #craola #zerofriends #alexpardee

Tried drawing with my left hand.

and failed miserably.. oh well.

went painting with ANTZ at our usual spot

drew my version of the Monkey king/god whatever fuck you call it on ANTZ blackbook of fame.

and of course he is the only friend i have so i gave him a free shirt.
found my girls , but then again no one is better then you, so i left them on the beach... yawn.

My studio walkway collapsed because i turned into Hulk whenever i think of you.


but my landlord is the best, he got it fixed in less then a day. 

If you can't afford one, make one...from scratch ... on a trishaw. #delorean #timemachine #kilas #timetravel #art #crafts #carving #sculpture #timemachine


 there you go..

The Substation let me destroy their walls in their alley..

and so i brought along some sharpies.
and got carried away..

And went crazy.. oh well..fuck that wheat paste garbage man. yea fuck you.

Was in Bandung and Jakarta , i love Indonesia.
i know im in a right place when i see this.

checked out a garment factory.

the MYNA team checking out fabrics and samples..

ate Sambara Sundanese food.

seriously, half my time during this trip is all about eating.


and eat

and eat

this thing is weird, its rose syrup,banana, rice jelly and shaved ice.. but the taste is heaven.

saw a kitten on a Duff beer skateboard by Santa Cruz.

and saw homer too.

stayed on top of a mountain.

watch a music / tradeshow festival.

the crowd was crazy.

this is my dream car.

got blown away by this band called SIGMUN... 

took a 2 hour bus ride to Jakarta to visit the guys from Ghaust and Kelelawar Malam.
If you are in Jakarta, Grieve Records is where you gonna spend all your money at. :]

played a show with I Am David Sparkle here 2 years ago.. i think

The great Rossi Studio in Jakarta. damn.

met an old friend.

crashed Kelelawar Malam band practice/

Uri from Ghaust and Grieve Records showing us how it's done.

and of course, you can never missed out on Martabak Satan in Jakarta.. it's not on the menu, i just like to call it that.

Went back to Bandung and met up with the Kings of Bandung city.
Portee goods, Eben from Bad//Badger, John Ling(Villains), Boim (Make Sense) Dendy (UNKL347) Irul (Second Laundry)

and fuck yes, Lucas & Son's crib..They fucking have a house on top of a mountain and a mini skatepark.. thats my dream home, i don't skate, but yea i like to watch people skate.

And of course, met up with the sickest bastards in Bandung city. 
Hail Maternal Disaster!

Thats Agan, he sings for the most heaviest band in Bandung called VROSK and he also runs Maternal Disaster.

Coffin decks by Corpse Corps (USA) and Maternal. 

Thanks Vidi and Agan for inviting us to your castle of doom.

Dendy's place is also awesome!! and That is Rembo talking to him, Rembo is a living legend in Bandung. He plays guitar for VROSK, works for Peter Says Denim and he is an awesome guy.

Dendy jamming with Elang of Polyester Embassy.. too awesome! 
The awesome people in Bandung.

found love in a house on top of a mountain with a skatepark in it. 
My trip to Indonesia is always a great experience. I wil be back again and again and again.

Came back home and get to work straight away.

This is my humble contribution to the Stompin'Ground  'We Set The Pace' retrospective show curated by my best friend Razi Razak .

once in a while i draw on a wacom..

sometimes i draw on my colleagues sketch book.

yes, i got my new re-newed American visa. so i can go meet Kate  :] 

oh, Kate Upton is my new wallpaper on the com ... She actually greets me every morning when i got in to the studio. Everyone loves Kate, come on.

I don't see why this is important, but yea, i tried making cupcakes but it ended up like this.


Okay i failed miserably again, i think i'll stick to drawing and eating.

Threw a projection bombing party in the Chinatown area..

no one came..

so i pack up and leave.. hahahah.

i drew this.

and this

and this

and this
and tried finger drawing on Jalee Walee's  i pad.. oh well.
I wanted to wear this for Halloween, but too bad the biggest size they have is kids L. 
This is super awesome. 
things i do when i'm bored.

Ok, that's it for now, my posts are usually boring, but i did this as so you know i am still alive and thinking of you. or most of the time, when i post or update the blog, i will have new stuff/prints to sell pretty soon/
Kilas 2013 prints dropping on the new year's day, i myself do not know what or how it is gonna look like. Okay, thanks for your time.. :]

i rarely update this blog, unless i have prints to sell or when i miss you. so yea, im on instagram
follow i make more noise there then anywhere else.