Friday, November 26, 2010


So.. i decided to do a Black Friday sale. Scroll down for your design choices, both available on
shirts and 120gsm A2 size poster paper black or white. All sizes available. add $3 for XXL orders..
Order 2 shirts and the third piece is only $30.00 . Spend $80.00 and i'll throw in a hand printed poster of you choice & yes it is free postage for orders above $100.00 (applicable only for local orders) oh and for this weekend all t-shirts and prints are $35.00 a pop... Happy Thanksgiving folks.. now what are you waiting for? Sale only valid till 2pm (SG Time) 28th of December 2010.

Email me at to order or ask any questions or just say hello.
Happy Thanksgiving.... bitch.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Work in progress.. we are down to the last few prints.. watch this space.

Im down to the last three/four more prints for the whole series.. or whatever i want to call it. These babies are fresh, tried on and tested and ready to go...almost.

Go big or go home.

This is as big as my coffee table.
"Death" in white and for the girls too.
"Catatonic Bitch"

And of course hand screened posters..

Stay tune for a launch date and a proper catalog. Im taking orders already. So if you are interested,
email and say "hi, i wan't you,, badboy". :]

Okay.. Capiche.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nothing last forever in this cold November rain.

Finally done teaching  conducting workshops in schools for this whole year and it's going to be a pretty long break for me. I for see a very productive month coming along with KILAS '' Blackened Persistence" series coming along quite well and i'm in the midst of making test prints on t-shirts and posters and scouting for cool & bad ass people to model the shirts for me. My fingers are also crossed for having KILAS shirts and prints in some big shops here in Singapore. Negotiations and proper planning for the launch is also in the planning process.

 Am also going to be busy with the band at the same time, two more weeks to go before I Am David Sparkle's "SWORDS" album launch and an Indonesia & Malaysia tour being scheduled right after the launch. 

Here are some nice pictures .. for now

this baby is huge ass A2 size bitches.
this one is called 'Catatonic bitch' and yes, you can start ordering. Hit me up.

"Swords Are Drawn"
get your tickets from sistic . This is going to be one hell of a show.. we all worked really hard for this one. This is an experience for everyone. Show us some love, or maybe a lot.

I Am David Sparkle Indonesia Tour 2010 poster. 
Something i did for the Indo tour in December.Hope you all like it, i know some people don't hahaha. Im still working on the Bali show poster, keeping it simple.. no hoo no haaa..simple.

Stay tuned for more updates . I'll be back in a bit.. bitch.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Take My Words Back (slurrrp) This Is Probably my last gasp.

Oh hell this is a bad time.. Had an amazing birthday last week, drank a lot of green monster, and other poison and am recovering from it... I enjoyed myself with great company. 

Heres a sort of remake of the slurp doodle which i think i'm going to put out on print as well..

Things i do when i am feeling miserable.
You are missed... dearly... :(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Kilas T-shirts.

The last time i printed KILAS shirts and posters was fucking ages ago. And i think it's about fucking time i shake my lazy ass and start working on it.. again. Here are the first 4 out of 8 designs which was currently not officially on sale yet, but i do welcome orders, and requests.
Please note that everything done here are all handprinted and built from scratch d.i.y style..not mass produced in Bandung, China or any sweat shop anywhere else in the world. This is hard work put together and this thing i'm doing here demands support and appreciation not recognition.
I apologize for the poor quality photos taken using my mac camera.
im hoping to sell some shirts as so i can hire your next top model or hipster to rock on these bitches. Stay tuned for more designs, or the least a proper photographs and hot looking models for you to jerk off to.. 


"KILAS Resurrection logo"

"The Altar"


All 4 designs for now is available in XS, S, M, L (XL & XXL add SGD$2)
and all designs are printed on grade 'A' Triple AAA American garment.(unless otherwise mentioned)
All designs are only available in Black shirts, except for the logo, its available on white/black.
Girl's sizes available.(enquire more)

All shirts are hand screened and printed by the artist, and results may differ in every piece.
each design is going for SGD$40 and come with free stickers,and alot of love.
Get 2 shirts and i'll throw in a free hand printed poster.

Local postage is SGD$5 ( add SGD$2 for each extra tee )
USD$8 for Asia ( add USD$4 for each extra tee )
USD$12 for rest of the world. ( add USD$6 for each extra tee )

Add USD$4 / SGD$6 if you want your posters in a tube together with your shirts.

Singaporean's may use bank transfer to:
POSB/DBS savings account for transfer.
(once you identify your order, then i will give the account number)
 & and i will proceed in delivering your order once the transaction goes through.
and will notify via email if your order is or not been successful.
Please allow 3 to 4 working days for Delivery.

State your orders clearly to avoid disappointment. Like Size and design.
I will reply asap if you are not sure of the design names and code.

For Overseas order, do email for more enquiries. 

I'm in the midst of setting up an online store(which i am clueless of), you have to be patient with me on this one.(i'm a one man show) so for now, you can get it via email,or leave a comment on this post and i will try my best to answer all queries.

Email/order at

If you give a damn, i wan't to hear from you and your friends.
Spread the word.

 I leave this post with a quote.

"Fuck supporting your local artist/talent/labels, If you are good, you are good."
- Sketchone

From L.A. With Love.

A great thank you to Mr & Mrs Knight for letting Kilas into their home in L.A.
Photos by Mr Kevin Knight from
"twilight"(way before that annoying vampire movie)
 in L.A. Thanks to Rachel and Kevin Knight.. I'll see you guys soon..... i hope.
This painting was done in 2005.
"My Loot"
This one got rejected here 
But im really stoked when Mr Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins was holding it. Thanks CRAOLA.
CRAOLA is featured in this month issue of JUXTAPOZ magazine
and of course all pictures of him featured in this issue is by Mr Kevin Knight.

Thank you Rachel & Kevin Knight
check Mr Kevin's photography out.. he is insanely awesome.

I wish i'm doing art in L.A.
and i wish i am a ZEROFRIENDS 
You all got to know CRAOLA
if you don't... go fuck yourself.


Twenty Ten.. i became a bitter person.

I have been trying to improvise my style of drawing.. or the least i tried.

"Catatonia" ( One of those contributions i did for friends
 which didn't make it anywhere..oh well.)


"The Dance Of Death"


"The Altar"


"Church Friend"


"My Period Came"

"Common Cancer"

"I Don't Know"






"Fuck This"

"Possessed To Skate"

"Midnight Rockers"

"Fortune Pussy" (another one which didn't make it) hahahaha.

Let me know what you think.. All of the above artworks are available as prints.
Email me at if you wanna get some.. 
thanks for your time.- Zahir

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is the new logo.. for now. I have decided to make a new logo and shall no longer have texts that mention of my existence..or the least someone out there really gives a fuck about what i'm doing.
Old logo have served me well 
Rest In Peace old friend

Keep It Like A Secret .. New trademark.

Eleven months later...

I have been neglecting this blog for way too long. So i'm going to make this a fast one.
These are just images and pictures from the past 11 months.. Less words, just pictures just to let you all know that i am still alive.

9th October 2010
Kilas @ the National Art Gallery Singapore with My Loot
pictures by Pinkviolence of Ironxhanger

Kilas @ The Nixon 'Art Mosh' 
Picture by Dewi Marie

Kilas vs Speakcryptic @ Straits Records shopfront.
Pictures by Straits Records

Kilas @ Redrum show by Kult3D Old school.

Kilas @ Shape shifters by Zirca.
Pictures by Zirca

Kilas X Clogtwo X ANTZ X Sheryo for the Esplanade Y-Festival
Pictures by Clogtwo

Kilas & Super friends art jam @ the Substation Night Festival

Kilas X Skopewon X Mimer for the Singapore Anti Narcotics Association mural.
Pictures by ARTKORE

Kilas @ The Hitch hikers Guide To The Galaxy show by Kult3D ( Ghost Space )
Pictures by Kult3D

Kilas @ Zoukout 2009

Im Pretty sure there is tons more pictures and this are the only things which i recall doing for the past eleven months. Stay tuned for more.