Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eleven months later...

I have been neglecting this blog for way too long. So i'm going to make this a fast one.
These are just images and pictures from the past 11 months.. Less words, just pictures just to let you all know that i am still alive.

9th October 2010
Kilas @ the National Art Gallery Singapore with My Loot
pictures by Pinkviolence of Ironxhanger

Kilas @ The Nixon 'Art Mosh' 
Picture by Dewi Marie

Kilas vs Speakcryptic @ Straits Records shopfront.
Pictures by Straits Records

Kilas @ Redrum show by Kult3D Old school.

Kilas @ Shape shifters by Zirca.
Pictures by Zirca

Kilas X Clogtwo X ANTZ X Sheryo for the Esplanade Y-Festival
Pictures by Clogtwo

Kilas & Super friends art jam @ the Substation Night Festival

Kilas X Skopewon X Mimer for the Singapore Anti Narcotics Association mural.
Pictures by ARTKORE

Kilas @ The Hitch hikers Guide To The Galaxy show by Kult3D ( Ghost Space )
Pictures by Kult3D

Kilas @ Zoukout 2009

Im Pretty sure there is tons more pictures and this are the only things which i recall doing for the past eleven months. Stay tuned for more. 

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