Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Remembering december.

This is the first post for a very productive month ahead. November was an alright month of still discovering new feelings and experiencing a new environment of work( a day job which fuck me up big time ) and of course friendship. I simply nailed down and have begin planning for what is going to happen next for myself and the shape of things to come, be it work wise, and for myself to improve.
Again, there is no time for complaints, bitching and gossips for me to entertain for now.

If you are going to ask how the SIAF2009 at the Expo was, dont bother, it is just a waste of time as the main organizers are just really really damn bad on logistics and organizing such show. But My shout outs goes to Scope for inviting me, Jaba, Mimer, Esok, Fyrool, Tracy and the rest whom i wish i have the time during the weekend to actually hangout and talk to. Im glad november is over.

Ive yet to get more details on the 26th december show, and if that happens, for sure you guys will get to taste of whats cooking for next year. I'll give more details and updates once i have something regarding this show. but here's something to checkout for now....

These darlings are ready to go. at SGD100.00 each and its ink on a 10" round canvas
mail me for more details.

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