Friday, February 17, 2012

Fuck The Rules.

As usual, here are the things i did when i am not thinking of you. 2012 waits for no men, so i take my own sweet time combing my hair and wash my shoes regularly. Here are photos taken from january till 6 pm earlier today.

I Am David Sparkle did a radio interview, and i was most of the time smiling at the cute radio Deejay and went "hah hahah hahah" most of the time.

I had my brain blocked for awhile, didn't drew anything for like 12 hrs or maybe 20hrs

I have a new pet, i call him VADER

I made friends with the devil again, and this time round i learn how to read a manual.

i practice coloring using the wacom..

i drew something nice and not scary at all... using the wacom
and i got carried away... and practice.

and practice...
and practice...

and practice, oh these tigers you see is for The Esplanade , oh well, fuck the Esplanade.

I found love again..

and became religious again.

and got back to work... practicing.

Oh, i still keep my saturday job with me, This is my Chef Wanster , we did rainbow cocaine at 7AM every saturday morning without fail.

and made breakfast for bastards like you.

and on weekend nights, since after you never came back, i have famous and talented artist coming over to the house and show off their talented and mad fuck skills to me, This is DEM0365 and ANTZ
teaching me how it's done. Respect!!

and of course i have boys who just wanna hangout and do some bromancing. Hi Ayid & Syamim

and on most Sundays, i am a one man factory ... 

and also find abit of time to draw.

two weekends ago, i spend 24 hrs in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

and of course, without fail, the most craziest  boys in KL was there to greet me

Hi Juba

Yes, he made it to the Front cover of JUICE magazine KL

and then these gangsters showed up... and we drank.. ( ASAS13 & Edham)
and drank

and drank..

Big Show was there too #Sphere

we drank some more

and rob a kid . Hello Mamat!

and drank...

and drank

and drank


and crash at these boy's crib.

i brought along a little joy with me.

and my breakfast was awesome.

visited GRAFA 

met up with the crew.

and have my sticker and SPEAKCRYPTIC's on their glass door of fame.

They gave me their wall to paint

and feed me 

and i got to watch KILLEUR CALCULATEUR live while painting

and got drunk by sunset..

and wasted by the time i'm done.

i wish this piece could be better.

Thank You AHMAD ASAS, JUBA, EDHAM, MAMAT, YOBE, BIG SHOW, NAT amd the rest of the boys in KL, PALIE, IRMAN and GRAFA, KILLEUR CALCULATEUR, ORBIT CINTA BENJAMIN, 41 (sorry i don't remember the name of the new band)
I will be back in March. :]

you have to check this guys out... fucking awesome bands from KL

so i went back home right after painting GRAFA.

and made stickers

oh, this guy here misses you badly and yes, the other one (the one on wheels) passed away.. :[

so i got back to work... and had my Chinese New Year blessings, with my bro Kim Olsen

i have a Sri Lankan demon protecting the windows of the office lately, and i never fail to give my offerings every morning.

I lost a dear friend.. RIP ARKS

gone but not forgotten.. we love you RUDY ARKS ANSWERFOUR, till we meet again someday.

i stayed home most nights to draw.

and when i miss you, i have this.

My Russian boss went crazy and start vandalizing the office..

and i draw when i can.. 

bought a new sketch book, and have a guardian looking after it.

draw some more.

and i'm always happy 

when it comes to making music with the boys.

had a coffin in the office..

and drew some more

celebrated Kai Kai's birthday with his girlfriends.

and drew some more

and made breakfast..

watch Twin Shadow live at Laneway.. and i saw a ghost. :]

Hung out with George

got my Twin Shadow vinyl bombed.

fell sick on Valentines day and stayed home.

got back to work the next day and draw..

and eat nice food.

smoke awesome Indonesian clove cigarettes..

practice calligraphy on the wacom.

and decided to end my love / hate relationship with my mustache.
ok.. that's it... thanks for your time.. 
i miss you.. :]