Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Kids On The Block.

The weather here is incredibly rediculous and wierd. The humidity is making everyone i know having wierd ulcers and having headaches and tummy aches. Hope it will be cooler sooner.

It's been an emotional weekend and an exhausting week ahead for me, but here's a sneak peak of what i've been cooking. I'm sooo getting rid of the nice things about what i've been doing, it's time to go bad.. The cute little kids and their friends have long left the building going around fucking midgets and bicycle thieves for now..Let me introduce to you.. the bad kids who spits in yr face,not in your mouth...bitch.

Thats all for now, till i manage to steal or rob someone for a camera to take more shots and pictures of me playing with the new kids.. zoom into the shoes'hint hint'.. Till next time, have a great week ahead.

Rest In Peace 'Farhan (oscar,grillz)'
Im glad to know someone like you in my life thanks for being there and thanks for believing in us all.
This one's for you, my good man.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

For what it's worth.

It's been a while i put up anything for sale, but if you're interested, here's some stuff which is still available for's for sale,not on sale..get it?

Eyelessss series available on XS,S,M,L on triple A white or any light colored blanks(i do take requests on t-shirt colors hit me a mail,im sure you wanna rock on this one.
SGD$35 each,or be nice get both and i throw in some love into it.


'Fuck this'


'Promise You Won't Tell Anyone'

'I Scream'

'Pookoo Pookoo'




'KILAS logo'

Old But Cold. 
I decided to make all this old prints available again on t-shirts and by requests only
hit me an email if you're interested, All old designs are going for SGD$30 bucks a hit.These use to be cheaper back in the days,but too bad i stopped being nice.


'this is love'coffeebook

'JELOUS' coffeebook

Also available is this two coffeebooks by Razi Razak, i did all the illustrations for this two coffeebooks, i wish this is hardcovered and nicely bind,but to bad,it is DIY zeroxd and its an A5 read.Comes with the writers music playlist for you to listen while reading. Drop me a mail if you wanna checkkit.
SGD$5.00(excluding postage) 

I do have loads more stuff which is up for grabs, but for now this is what i can dig out from the shelves and made available, This is only by requests and i'll entertained whoever who wants to grab em. Email me and be nice, i might throw in some cool free stuff or the least give you a discount if you getting more. Quick, i'm bored.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Hiatus.

I totally forgot about the existence of this blog, and i guess it has not been active since last year since i don't really understand or make an effort to learn how this blogging thing works. Anyways, i've decided on updating about my life and current activities which has been going on and hopefully this time round i will try to have something to talk about or a new work to show every week. Currently i just woke up from the longest break i ever had since. Do stick around this time round, i think i am going to make this blog as interesting as before? or the least to have people browsing through my latest works or bitch about something.

2009, in summary.
Fair enough, for now i am going to post pictures on what have been happening or what i have been doing throughout the year, it have been a crazy year for me, too much drama and it's been a tough one on me and everyone else i guess. Although the year has not ended yet, but i think it's nice for me to talk or have nice and ugly things to show you guys.
The year kicked off fine for me as in the whole of january was pretty much occupied with the first KILAS showcase/exhibit for 2009. I was the first artist for DBL O 'ART SPACE' which have a strong following and they are cool enough to give a platform for street artists to showcase their works and party like when you're 18 again!

The whole 'ART SPACE' installation lasted for like 6 awesome months showcasing 6 different artists including SCOPE ONE, ONE TWO DELTA, ANTZ, SPEAKCRYPTIC & MIMER. I believe they are going to do it again next year. 
This Magazine interview was done in conjunction with the event and it was for 'Home Concepts Magazine's february issue.

    ... and yes, i did the ladies restroom as well :)

something i did for the main wall of 'ART SPACE'

 The Whitewashed Project at DBL O


Did a special collaboration with Singapore's finest aerosol/graffiti artist SCOPE ONE. This one's for an awareness on global warming.. but i guess it's too late to save anything for now :/

A great thank you to the branding manager of DBL O Franny and the nice people we've worked with throughout the great time spent working in the club. I bet other huge clubs in SG has never done this before, letting local artists show their talents in a huge way. We salute you!

I Am Zahir.
I am also serving in an 8 year old instrumental band called I Am David Sparkle, which i play the drums for and the band has pretty much stories to tell as for this hardworking band have made history for being the first instrumental band from Singapore to be invited to play SXSW(south by south west) In Austin Texas, and at the same time we were all very very busy preparing for a tour from february all the way through April. We get to play 4 different countries and be at the best cities in the world, the experience is priceless and we have tons of people to thank for making the tour possible. The whole experience is breathtaking and yea, simply amazing. The band played in The Phillipines, The USA, Hong Kong & Vietnam. 


My Disco

This Will Destroy You

Wolves In The Throne Room

Not in a good spot, but then again it's CURSIVE in action.


 The Octopus Project

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead...

Easy Star All Star.

The Lovely Tara Macpherson is one of my favorite artist(google her name and you'll know what im talking about) after a Pelican set at the SouthernLord Records showcase. One thing about the festival, Fucking amazing!!! We made loads of new friends and get to see great bands which we wanted to see Live!

And guess who else is in town.. :)

The venue we played.
Our merch table.

Our manager Mrs Wu.

I Am David Sparkle rocking the stage at SXSW.

Houston Texas
We all drove up to Houston to play a small show in a record store.

Cactus Music store, the record store we played at.

The band also played Boston, and was in Los Angeles for a couple of days before we head for Hong Kong. You can read on about the band's adventures here and also on our myspace blog. Show us some love, visit our myspace if you want to check the band out, .

 KILAS does Topman...pfft.
I got invited to do a live demo at Topman/Topshop store at the Marina Square. I think this is in conjunction with the Worldwide Festival 2009. Boring stuff, but yea i was bored.

i spill black paint on to the acrylic sheet and use a pen knife to scrap off the outlines... pfft. 

Yafi's playroom.
Was hanging out at my brother's place and due to boredom, i wonk on the walls for my nephew's playroom... again, i was bored.

This is my nephew Yafi. Ok He's happy.. :)

 KILAS returns to Haji Lane.
I used to live at 73 Haji Lane, it is where the old STRAITS RECORDS use to be.That was in 2005 thru 2007 and yes, i use to live and work in a record shop. Back then Haji Lane use to be a quiet no yuppie tycoon parents street jacks shops or hangouts. I can only recall MOSI CAFE and KAKI 5 cafe & gallerie, and of course Whiteroom..was quiet back then and i love it when that lane is quiet but now,i don't even wanna talk about what happened to it. couple of months back i was back at 73 Haji Lane to throw a piece on the shop front of this clothing store called cosmic. Everything went great before planning on this job where the kids there offered a decent fee of 500 bucks to do their shop front, but as usual, people never keep their word and they slashed down the fee to 350bucks, fair enough again im bored and in need of cash to survive,i agreed to do it at that price and having the boys to pay for the paints and spraycans, and of course i did this because i use to live in that paricular shop before and Amir is my friend..:) 

This is done in 2005 when STRAITS was still around. Yes, i was bored. :)
4 years later, this is what i did for the shopfront of the whole unit. It's a half fuck job because i never like the guys who commisioned me this and the best part this whole piece didnt even last for 48 hours and they repainted everything back to orange without telling me about it. Again, i've never worked with such fuckers in my life. I wish these fuckers the best.. and Amir, hahaha.

The Conclusion
This is the first post for this blog, and it is just me updating what i've been doing for this year.. It's a year of good experience and bad luck and fuck ups. 2009 is almost over in a couple of months time, and i believe next year will be good( i hope) Im glad i am still alive for now. It's the year where scandals happened, best friends became assholes, and loved ones got dissapointed. Hang in there, this is just the begining. :)