Sunday, October 18, 2009

For what it's worth.

It's been a while i put up anything for sale, but if you're interested, here's some stuff which is still available for's for sale,not on sale..get it?

Eyelessss series available on XS,S,M,L on triple A white or any light colored blanks(i do take requests on t-shirt colors hit me a mail,im sure you wanna rock on this one.
SGD$35 each,or be nice get both and i throw in some love into it.


'Fuck this'


'Promise You Won't Tell Anyone'

'I Scream'

'Pookoo Pookoo'




'KILAS logo'

Old But Cold. 
I decided to make all this old prints available again on t-shirts and by requests only
hit me an email if you're interested, All old designs are going for SGD$30 bucks a hit.These use to be cheaper back in the days,but too bad i stopped being nice.


'this is love'coffeebook

'JELOUS' coffeebook

Also available is this two coffeebooks by Razi Razak, i did all the illustrations for this two coffeebooks, i wish this is hardcovered and nicely bind,but to bad,it is DIY zeroxd and its an A5 read.Comes with the writers music playlist for you to listen while reading. Drop me a mail if you wanna checkkit.
SGD$5.00(excluding postage) 

I do have loads more stuff which is up for grabs, but for now this is what i can dig out from the shelves and made available, This is only by requests and i'll entertained whoever who wants to grab em. Email me and be nice, i might throw in some cool free stuff or the least give you a discount if you getting more. Quick, i'm bored.

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