Monday, October 18, 2010

Kilas T-shirts.

The last time i printed KILAS shirts and posters was fucking ages ago. And i think it's about fucking time i shake my lazy ass and start working on it.. again. Here are the first 4 out of 8 designs which was currently not officially on sale yet, but i do welcome orders, and requests.
Please note that everything done here are all handprinted and built from scratch d.i.y style..not mass produced in Bandung, China or any sweat shop anywhere else in the world. This is hard work put together and this thing i'm doing here demands support and appreciation not recognition.
I apologize for the poor quality photos taken using my mac camera.
im hoping to sell some shirts as so i can hire your next top model or hipster to rock on these bitches. Stay tuned for more designs, or the least a proper photographs and hot looking models for you to jerk off to.. 


"KILAS Resurrection logo"

"The Altar"


All 4 designs for now is available in XS, S, M, L (XL & XXL add SGD$2)
and all designs are printed on grade 'A' Triple AAA American garment.(unless otherwise mentioned)
All designs are only available in Black shirts, except for the logo, its available on white/black.
Girl's sizes available.(enquire more)

All shirts are hand screened and printed by the artist, and results may differ in every piece.
each design is going for SGD$40 and come with free stickers,and alot of love.
Get 2 shirts and i'll throw in a free hand printed poster.

Local postage is SGD$5 ( add SGD$2 for each extra tee )
USD$8 for Asia ( add USD$4 for each extra tee )
USD$12 for rest of the world. ( add USD$6 for each extra tee )

Add USD$4 / SGD$6 if you want your posters in a tube together with your shirts.

Singaporean's may use bank transfer to:
POSB/DBS savings account for transfer.
(once you identify your order, then i will give the account number)
 & and i will proceed in delivering your order once the transaction goes through.
and will notify via email if your order is or not been successful.
Please allow 3 to 4 working days for Delivery.

State your orders clearly to avoid disappointment. Like Size and design.
I will reply asap if you are not sure of the design names and code.

For Overseas order, do email for more enquiries. 

I'm in the midst of setting up an online store(which i am clueless of), you have to be patient with me on this one.(i'm a one man show) so for now, you can get it via email,or leave a comment on this post and i will try my best to answer all queries.

Email/order at

If you give a damn, i wan't to hear from you and your friends.
Spread the word.

 I leave this post with a quote.

"Fuck supporting your local artist/talent/labels, If you are good, you are good."
- Sketchone

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