Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photographic Memories.

It's been awhile i update this blog. So here's some photos as just to let you know i'm still alive...
In no particular order or dates.. 

Well sometimes my studio is a factory ( Preparing for I Am David Sparkle SEA tour and trying my luck in selling KILAS prints to sell along the way.

see, a one man factory.. 'SWORDS' t-shirts designed by Djohan of BlackXemperor.

KILAS in Jogjakarta.

KILAS in a street protest (Jogjakarta)

KILAS in Bali

The not so good picture of me watching Beach House Live in SG
Another lousy picture of me watching Deftones live in SG
Another lousy picture of me watching TORTOISE live in SG
A picture ,a lousy one too watching Jimmy Eat World Live in SG

A shot i took after painting the shopfront building of Straits Records
this is a KILAS x ZERO collab, i love working with this guy!
so far the biggest piece this year.

Okay, there's more pictures to upload, but i don't think it's that important.
But yea, i'll try post some more in future. 
I'm doing a KILAS print sale soon, so yea .. wait .

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