Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The first of many shows in 2011.

Fabrika And Statement Present


Alvin Tan
Zaki Razak
Keep It Like A Secret
Jason Tong
Djulian Chng
Speak Cryptic
Tiga Collective
Gene Sha Rudyn

Performance by Gene Sha Rudyn

Music by Konstrakt Kollektive.

This launch is supported by OBEY.

19th May 2011,Thursday
At Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel, Fabrika.
7pm - 11pm
Exhibition will be from 19th May 2011 - 26th May 2011

The Modern Eleven

Alvin Tan - Alvin Tan is a partner at Singapore's design and art collective :phunk studio, indie & electro club HOME and fashion eyewear label Mystic Vintage. Music is a huge inspiration to the work that he creates, and wanderlust keeps him fresh on his toes.

Zaki Razak - Zaki Razak who recently completed his Masters in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts first made his mark as a street artist named Lilpinkdevil. In 2004, his work was exhibited at the SENI exhibition at Singapore Art Museum, and subsequently he has featured in many other local and overseas exhibitions, including shows in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia. Zaki has also made his mark as a curator of innovative art projects including shows at Warung S. Nasir, as well as the 2010 exhibition of Singapore street artists entitled Is This Home, Truly? at Helutrans Artspace and Berita Harian 2: Utusan Melayu, an exhibition of Malay contemporary artists. Zaki is interested in the human consciousness, the hermeneutics of art, and often employs wordplay and games in his works.

Upstairs - Dennis Cheok (aka Dennis Urgahratti) is a trained architect and chronic design busybody. / Zaidi Salleh is a seasoned creative director and graphics maestro.Together they created Upstairs, a multi-disciplinarian creative thinktank to conceptualize, cultivate and collaborate between the core disciplines of graphics, art and space. Building up a full-fledged design consultancy with diverging capabilities, they collaborate on architecture and interiors, products, graphics and branding, art & video installations, exhibitions & sets. And then some.

Keep It Like A Secret - KILAS feeds on dead memories.. and lives by what he believes in. Founded by Zahir Sanosi in early 2003, “KEEP IT LIKE A SECRET” is the moniker that he adopts for his work, which ranges across multiple platforms involving illustrations and design for various artifacts of popular culture, including t-shirts ,skateboards, or any given blank walls. Zahir’s work is at times controversial and contradictory as they are representations of the struggle between his beliefs as well as personal and public politics.

Jason Tong - Jason started his career as a shoe sales promoter in a department store. His career saw him taking on creative positions at M&C Saatchi Direct, followed by youth marketing at The Filter Group and also activation jobs at Bates 141. His involvements with Nokia and Timberland has won numerous awards including a Best In Asia at the Promotions and Marketing Awards Asia (PMAA). He started Assembly in 2007 to fulfill his lifelong dream of promoting world peace.

Skope - As one of the reputable pioneers of graffiti art in Singapore, SKOPE, has been an integral figure in bringing graffiti art to the mainstream audience in Singapore. SKOPE is also accredited with creating an awareness of the Singapore graffiti art movement amongst the global graffiti community through his involvements in various international exhibitions and events. SKOPE represents OAC (Operation Art Core), one of the founding 'crews' in Singapore graffiti art movement and is also part of Kings Destroy, an internationally acclaimed 'crew' founded by renowned graffiti legend COPE2, who hails from New York. SKOPE boasts an impressive portfolio, exhibiting and collaborating, group and live demos locally,globally with artists such as FUTURA 2000,Saber and Obey in his first group show in Detroit, Sam Flores, San Francisco, 123Klan from France, Witnes (The Seventh Letter) from California. Recently. SKOPE was invited in a mural exhibition at the prestigious Joan Miro Museum in Barcelona Spain.

Djulian Chng - "Working with God given light and man-made power packs, Dju-lian strives to see a constantly changing view of life and to share it with others. Honesty and sincerity are the key to how his work becomes art, Never believing in painting a blue sky.. when honestly it's.. really grey. Sometimes...."

Speak Cryptic - Farizwan Fajari, also known as “Speakcryptic”, graduated with a Degree in Fine Arts, with a major in painting and has been a professional artist and illustrator for the past 6 years. He has done work for various companies such as the Singapore Press Holdings, the Singapore Art Museum, Adidas and Kitty Wu Records with a strong focus on doing event posters, editorial illustration and creating murals. On top of that, he has exhibited extensively in Singapore since 2005 with his work being featured in various offline and online magazines such as I.S Magazine, the Brooklyn Art Project, Doodlers Anonymous, Culture Push, Time Out Magazine, RCGNTN and iSH Magazine. His recent work is a commentary focused on issues and observations on the social political ream and its impact on the human condition.

ClogTwo - Eman Raharno, or commonly known as CLOGTWO is a graffiti practitioner and illustrator for the past 7 years, his works often depicts the haunting questions that lingers in his mind that connects with the human social behavior, civil war, religion and science.

Tiga Collective - Visuals and still images is not about being all over the shutter and clicking away at the slightest moments. It represents awareness of our own free spirits, our dreams and desires. It is the process of striving for what we want in life. By practicing our art, we expand boundaries; instill new angles and fuel the hunger for success. We do what we love and we love what we do. Here at Tiga Collective, we make sure the messages come out our way, the Fun way. Salud! – Tiga Collective
(Mohamed Firdaus, Danial Hakim, Suhaimi Gwe, Fahmi Jamal)

Gene Sha Rudyn - Born in 1968, Singaporean-Baweanese-Muslim Gene Sha Rudyn joined the theatre industry in 1991 and has performed at international arts festivals in Singapore, Yokohama, Perth, Wellington, Budapest, Hong Kong and Hobart. Two landmark moments in his career were the 2007 six-state Malaysian kampong tour of “Anak Bulan Di Kampong Wa’ Hassan” and the 2009 mosque premiere of “AL-IKHLAS (SINCERITY) – a monologue in seven acts re-introducing God”, both unprecedented. Gene Sha Rudyn is Artistic Director, Leader and founder of Keelat Theatre Ensemble.

Music by Konstrakt Kollektive - K:NSTRAKT is a collective of avant-garde sound designers having a strong influence from arts, cutting-edge technologies + futuristic lifestyle, it is an open-source. Founded in the late 2010 by a group of avid music devotees who have been dwelling in the local music scene since circa 04 - 05 later on wandered deeper into the underground trails of minimalist music and got enticed by the ominous experimental soundscapes. They have been experimenting with powerful softwares like Ableton live, Konkreet Performer, Griid and Traktor as weapons of choice to trigger abstract sounds of techno, ambient + IDM beats, constructed and structured with chaotic sound waves intertwined with minimalistic animations amidst subtle aesthetic audio/visual pleasures.

This show is next thursday, mark this date down
a show not to be miss.
Come celebrate with us.

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