Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dbl O Art Space & Maker's Mark presents " HANDMADE"

Had a good show last Friday. Thanks to the dbl O Art Space team for putting out a good show.
Here's how things went down in setting up the show.

Carved out my bunny demon using foam. and a pen knife. :]

Took me a week to get this done.

A huge ass painting. 4m x 1.7 m

Another one (Sorry i do not have a nice picture of this).


Great friends came to support the show!

And of course we have random people

Cute chicks who came and pay more attention to the free booze hahaha.

the VIP room?

And of course my beautiful friends in the KILAS printing room.
Overall it was a great turnout! Had a crazy time putting this up with everyone involved.
Big thanks to everyone who came and helped out for this.

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