Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello . It's been awhile. The weekend was great and i had the chance to work with ZERO from the notorious 'ARTVSTS' collective. This one is for the President's Young Talent Inside Out party. The party went good and booze is everywhere in the house.
Great music, great company, great night. Thanks to Julian & Jamie of the Singapore Art Museum for hosting the show and the wicked people from Broadband Agency Asia for hooking us up and throwing a one hell of a party...Toast!

Happy Birthday ZERO..

something i never tried doing before, but it turned out alright.. i guess.

The Best Part

i need a nose job...heh.

Zero, the birthday boy and a great guy to work with.

This is Rina from My Loot (check out her cool blogshop, she is pretty and she took most of the pictures in this post.

Me & Zero were both colleagues of the late "Farhan Grillz" and this whole piece is dedicated to him.. Hang in there brother, we will all join you someday. rest in peace bro.

We were suppose to do a video time lapse of the whole process of doing this, but yea.. we didn't..hah
Thanks to those who came and say hi and the new friends we made at the show.. we'll be back. Thanks to ZERO for the great company and a great experience...

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