Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Chaos Is Me" Handprinted tees & posters.

I have been very very busy and now i am hungry. I hope everyone is well and having enough sleep. It's been awhile i hardly find the time to put out some prints and i think now is the right time to do so because i am bored and sick and tired of waiting. "Chaos Is Me" is my latest offering to all you bastards. Yes i stole the name from an album title from one of my favorite band. If you mention the band i was refering to in your order, i'll give you a 10 percent discount. Okay, as usual i do not have a fancy 20 megapixel camera to take nice photos of the prints, but i hope this will do.

I will only do 30 prints of this design and that is all. And for those with requests on having this piece printed on your own top, tanktops, girlie blouses, superhero cape, bla bla bla, sure, i can do it for you, you just have to mail me your top/blanks ( if you are overseas ) or come over the studio ( if you live here in Singapore ) and yes you will still pay the same price for this to be printed on and yes you have to pay for your own shipping if you decided to mail me your personal top/blanks to print on.

Thanks again for those who have been supporting this struggle and to those who have been rocking my shirts. That is all for now. 

Here are some pictures of what you are ordering.

This is a big ass frame, washing this is a bitch i tell you.

"Chaos Is Me" posters
Handprinted on black heavy stock poster paper measuring 50cm x 70cm 
signed and numbered.

"Chaos Is Me" T-shirts (only available in black)

Front print 


wow the details.

All t-shirts are printed on AAA Alstyle American tees. Yes, like what i said before you can have this print on American Apparel tees but you have to pay more for that shit.

Back signature tag print . 

i am a one man factory, no i don't do your usual printing in Bandung or Taiwan or America or China. What you see is what you will get. Come visit sometime.
there's another print coming soon as well, wait okay. :]

Okay, that is all for now.. 
I miss you... a lot.

KILAS- "Chaos Is Me" - T-Shirts & Posters
Available in S, M, L, XL (XXL & XXXL add SGD$6/Local orders or USD$6/international orders)
Printed on grade 'A' Triple AAA American basic t-shirts. (Unless otherwise mentioned).
add SGD$15 if you want your tees printed on an American Apparel T-shirt.
Girl's sizes also available, do write in to ask about sizes.

All shirts and posters are hand screened by the artist, and results may differ in every piece. Each design is going for SGD$49(Local orders)or USD$39(international orders) //Excluding shipping// and comes with free stickers, and a lot of love. Get 2 shirts and a screened printed poster will be included in your order for free.

Shipping Costs:

  • Singapore: SGD$5 (add SGD$4 for each extra tee)
  • Asia: USD$10 (add USD$4 for each extra tee)
  • Rest of the world: USD$18 (add USD$4 for each extra tee)
  • Add USD$4 / SGD$6 if you want your posters in a tube together with your shirts.

Fund transfer via the POSB/DBS savings account could be made for Singapore orders.
For International Orders, PayPal transaction is available. (Bank / PayPal details will be disclosed upon confirmation of order).
Delivery for your order will be processed upon successful transaction. (An email will be sent to inform you of the transaction status.)
Please allow 3 to 4 working days for delivery. Personal collection / pick up and delivery could also be arranged.

Do state your orders clearly (size and design) to avoid disappointment.
If you are unsure of the design names / codes, do write in to verify.

To place orders or for further inquiries please write to:

Thank you for your time.

//I still have other prints and t-shirts available, check it out here or click the apparel button on the top. \\

Both "Hands" and "Made Of Ghosts" posters and Tees are still available if you are still keen .

Thank you, Goodnight.

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  1. Woe these t-shirts are so awesome that it probably could stop myself to purchase it online.