Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wish You Weren't Here.

It's been awhile i've not post anything or did something for you to be proud of. Anyways, here are some pictures of what i have been up to since the last post. 

Mr Dyn from the crazy band YUMI made me design their split release with Japan's HEAVEN IN HER ARMS merchandise. 

I am glad he likes it, everyone loves it .. I am a happy man. Thanks.

i got bored and decorated my mac. Nice .

i sketch a lot. i think

i stopped somehow because i was bored of using the pencil.

and my Wacom skills never got any better, i still suck at it.

and yes my coloring on the wacom still suck balls.

Oh well, i need more practice says Mr Lucifer here.

I had oportunities to work with bigger advertising agencies, and as usual, they never pay and i never ask..hahahahaha. Fuck this shit.

I learned how to spell and write properly again.

My favorite CHINA graffiti artist was in town again and visited me. I took sometime off from watching TV to sketch with this little dragon. He is amazing

SHEEP vs me.

and of course, whenever SHEEP is in town, he likes to bang malay boys 

My bitches and a WALL LORD.

My Diet. I'd like to thank everyone at work for supporting my extreme diet. 

i was suppose to lose some weight. but then again... hahaha

but i did my exercises too, i watched a bicycle race and won an award for watching and supporting!
Hi Mr Sham! 

i played ball with this girl. She lost, thats why she's grumpy.

I never dated anyone after you left, but i somehow have the courage to asked someone out. We had a great time. We dine in at your favorite food center,

we write our names on people's wall

we broke into someone's house and made love.

and we had an awesome date. 

I did a collab with INVSBLE STUDIOS for the MY DISCO Singapore show poster.

Thank you Errol and Kitty Wu for this opportunity.

I've been watching alot of vice

listening to alot of black metal

went for a face surgery

watch alot of supermodel me
 destroyed a young teenager's future

ruin someone's children's hope on becoming a normal adult.

Always happy to have a stranger having a piece of me on his/her skin. Thank you sir!

Grocery shopping is boring without you around.. oh well

i listened to alot of records lately, and yes this is my favorite song by my favorite band in the world and yes this is the only song you play on loop on my funeral. 

Here are more boring work i did. You didn't miss anything much.

I'm bored. really really bored.

Mr Ibrahim (Acit) AKA TIGER WAN CHAI got married with Miss SU last weekend, damn i never had a nice picture with both of them, but here is something. Congratulations to the newly wed, love you all!

I Am David Sparkle is in the studio again recording the next album/ releases . Yessss.

I guess this is it for now.. till next time. :]

In memory of Cowan Thant Zin, 1977-2012
Bass player for Return to Fall
We have lost a dear friend, a passionate music fan and an extremely talented bass player. The world will miss your energy, irreverence and penchant for good times. We hope that you will find your nirvana where you are now and be at peace. Will always remember you bro. my greatest of condolences to Sheila and family. 

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